About Us

As a small, Winnipeg based business specializing in digital marketing, we are super excited to help you build your business by generating high quality leads that are ready to be your customers and driving them through your door!
Running a successful business takes a lot of time and energy – nobody is busier than a small business owner, after all. That’s why we want to help and take care of it for you. Let us handle getting you a stable, predictable stream of customers, while you handle doing the things you love.


Our Values


We believe listening, asking questions and communicating are the basis of the best relationships.


Constant Learning

No campaign, algorithm, person or strategy is ever a finished product and we constantly strive to improve and optimize anywhere we can.



We believe in complete transparency, reporting all metrics, data and any pertinent information in a clear concise way, so you know exactly what’s going on with your campaigns


Our Goals

Custom Solutions

We strive to work closely with our clients and deliver customized solutions to help them achieve their goals

Lifetime Relationships

We strive to establish and maintain strong relationships with our clients


Saving You Money

We strive for constant analysis and optimization of campaigns throughout the process to minimize the cost to our clients


Our Team

Brandon Green

Hi! I’m Brandon and I’m the owner of LevelUp. I also wear all the marketing hats including sales, campaign creation and optimization, creative design work, copy writing, networking, operations, and everything else.

I worked many years as a chef where I learned the value of hard work, humility and the value of data as a way to predict the future. I graduated from the Business Information Technology course at Red River College where I fell further in love with data and decided to make a living with it.

I was trained in the marketing world by The Profit League, an online community of marketers