Follow Up + Give Value

It’s not enough to just find your ideal clients, most times they need a little bit of attention to convert into paying customers.

We automate this process for you, by reminding them about their interest and giving valuable information that establishes YOU as the expert you are so you can get back to living your life.


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Email Sequences

There's a big difference between a newsletter and spam, and the difference is VALUE.
We don't build annoying, vacuous emails and send them out daily.
We build a STRATEGIC sequence of emails and never send more than one per week (even less if you prefer)
And all of our emails contain value that your prospects CAN ACTUALLY USE!

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Facebook Retargeting

Whatever Platform we choose to run ads on, once we've collected some emails we can use Facebook retargeting to send new ads to people who have interacted with our first ads.
This is exactly how Facebook knows what you're into, and how we can tell a story with multiple "episodes"
Even more impressive, once we've collected enough data on your target audience, we can leverage the Facebook algorithm to create a lookalike audience with similar interests, expanding your reach exponentially!

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ChatBot Followup

Did you know that Facebook Messenger texts have a 95% open rate? Nobody likes that little red dot sitting on their icon.
Once folks have engaged with your chatBot we can start sending them scheduled, pre-written texts right in their messenger app, we're really careful to abide by anti-spam laws but this is a great way to engage with your audience without having to personally send every text.
The chatBot can answer common questions, supply value and information, even ask for lead information. And of course it can easily connect prospects to a human whenever they request it.

Review Management

If you're not already asking your happy customers to review you, you're missing a huge opportunity!
When marketing online this is especially important, people are social animals. Most of us make our decisions largely on what everyone else is doing so "social proof" is crucial to set you apart from the competition.
We automate these requests for feedback and direct your happy customers to exactly where they need to be to let the world know about their great experience.
And any negative feedback is kept internal so we can learn from our mistakes without broadcasting them to the world.

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Followup Call Center

After folks opt in with their contact information it's time to follow up and get to the next step in the sales process. Usually that means booking an appointment to meet, or at least get on a call.
If that sounds like too much time we can offer a followup service.
Our call center is staffed by trained salespeople, who live in North America and speak English as their first language.
Their job is to call your leads ASAP after they opt in, qualify them to make sure they meet your standards and get them to book an appointment with you.
So sit back and watch your calendar fill up with QUALIFIED APPOINTMENTS, we got this!