Nurture Your Prospects With A Customized Sales System​

This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s not enough to have all the pieces to a puzzle, they have to be put together so they make sense.

We don’t just “make ads” we help to diagnose what our clients needs are and build customized systems with the tools we’ve mentioned to serve your needs and accomplish your goals!


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Instant Reporting and Tracking

What happens when a new lead opts in to the system?
The information they've entered (name, email, phone, etc) is INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY sent to you in an email. That way we can follow up with them before they get distracted by cat videos.
Their info is also uploaded to a shared Google sheet so you can see all the leads and their info in a spreadsheet at any time.
All this happens in real time, so when you get that email it means the prospect is thinking about your business RIGHT NOW!

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Facebook Retargeting

Whatever Platform we choose to run ads on, once we've collected some emails we can use Facebook retargeting to send new ads to people who have interacted with our first ads.
This is exactly how Facebook knows what you're into, and how we can tell a story with multiple "episodes"

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Gather All the Data You Need

The system learns as it goes, when we find a new lead it studies the information given and uses it to better find new leads in the future.
Even more impressive, once we've collected enough data on your target audience, we can leverage the Facebook algorithm to create a lookalike audience with similar interests, expanding your reach exponentially!

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Case Study Videos

Need some proof? Click here to see some case study videos that walk you through the system and share some results, you're gonna love it!

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